Energy Efficiency

Looking for ways to make your home or business more energy efficient? Glidden Roofing can perform an energy audit for your roof and make recommendations for changes you can make to improve your energy efficiency. Living in New England, we experience more days that require us to heat rather than cool our businesses and homes. This is why it’s crucial to work to reduce the energy cost of your building, as well as your carbon footprint.

Glidden Roofing can provide you with several options to achieve these goals. For example, installing thicker insulation will raise the R-Value on your roof. Different-colored roofs can also provide a reflectivity or desired heat absorption. Skylights offer excellent lighting quality, high-illumination levels and substantial energy savings to building owners. Often referred to as “daylighting,” the addition of a skylight to a space will increase natural light, which reduces the need for the use of artificial light and helps reduce electricity costs. Call Glidden Roofing today at (207) 883-2608 to talk to one of our experts about how we can boost the energy efficiency in your building!