New England winters are long and cold and often full of snow. While that’s great for the ski resorts, it’s tough on buildings, particularly the roof. One way to prepare your business’ roof for a long Maine winter is by taking preventative measures before winter arrives. Expert roof technicians can inspect your roof, remove debris, and check for problems such as loose or missing shingles, or improperly sealed flashing. Regular cleaning of your gutters and downspouts also plays a major role in keeping your roof free of ice dams in the winter, and should take place before the snow flies.

Flat roofs are especially vulnerable to snow accumulation, as it does not naturally slide off on its own and snow can accumulate quickly, especially during a winter with significant snowfall and cold temperatures. Rain can actually make matters even worse by adding moisture to the snow, increasing the overall weight, and putting more pressure on the roof – potentially compromising the structure. For example, a fresh powdery coating of snow can add 20 lbs. of weight per cubic foot, but wet snow, or partially thawed and refrozen snow, can add as much 60 lbs. per cubic foot of weight.

Ice dams are another major concern, and are a frequent problem on sloped roofs. Ice dams are caused by uneven roof temperatures, and during a winter where frequent melting and refreezing takes place. They form when snow accumulates on a sloped roof, melts, and then flows down the roof – where it typically reaches the eaves, and freezing air, and turns into ice. Later, when snow begins to melt it is unable to drain properly through the dam, which can cause several issues. Ice dams can cause interior leaks and extensive damage to roofs, gutters, attics and walls of a building, which can lead to rot and/or mold.

It is important to hire roofing experts to remove snow and ice dams. Using inadequate or inappropriate tools, such as hammers, axes or landscaping rakes, to remove snow and ice may actually cause additional damage to a roof. Do not take the chance. By hiring an expert using professional tools, you can rest assured that the job will be done correctly. Glidden Roofing offers year-round or winter maintenance programs which will help prolong the life of your commercial roof. Contact us today at 207-883-2608 for a free quote.